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Industry 4.0 creates a new model for the weaving industry, Suntech intelligent machinery helps the weaving industry to transform

Industry 4.0 creates a new model for the weaving industry, Suntech intelligent machinery helps the weaving industry to transform

Issue Time:2021/09/17

Industry 4.0 creates a new model for the weaving industry, Suntech intelligent machinery helps the weaving industry to transform


In recent years, the manufacturing industry is facing a new round of crisis. On the one hand, the cost of manpower and materials has continued to rise, which has increased the production cost of the factory. On the other hand, products are updated faster and faster, and inventory is likely to cause greater risks. Therefore, the manufacturing industry needs a brand-new model.


Since the financial crisis, countries around the world have attached greater importance to manufacturing to a higher level. Manufacturing is the economic pillar of every developed economy, including production and processing, agricultural products, oil and gas, etc. It is the prosperity and development of these manufacturing industries that have led to the development of service industries such as transportation and e-commerce.


In the past, the manufacturing industry has undergone three important revolutionary changes. The first industrial revolution started in the United Kingdom. Steam power promoted a phased change in productivity and production mode. Then, the second industrial revolution was an electricity-based revolution, and the third was a silent information technology revolution. Today, people are experiencing the fourth work revolution.


The fourth industrial revolution is also about Industry 4.0. It is a topic about the integration of physical, digital, and virtual worlds. It represents a major structural change in the past two hundred years. The efficiency of production will be raised to a whole new level, without too much human labor, but using machine automation and realizing higher value conversion.(try suntech Loom)


Changes in the manufacturing competition model


In the future, the competitive model of manufacturing will change, and cheap labor will no longer be an advantage. Manufacturers need to rethink the entire value chain, how to optimize the supply chain to make products cheaper, apply different thinking and tool sets, and perform simulation analysis on revenue, value, cost, performance, service, and operating models.


The fourth industrial revolution has played an important role in the advantages of manufacturing in many aspects. With the support of digitalization, managers will become better, including creativity and innovation, which is conducive to the establishment of a strong value chain for enterprises, and Obtain a unique competitive advantage.


In the future, manufacturing suppliers, manufacturers and customers will be closely connected, and the production system will have a faster response speed to meet the needs of individual customization. Suppliers provide materials quickly and pay back in a shorter period of time, which helps reduce supply costs and release the financial pressure on the entire ecosystem.


Cost pressure is a key factor affecting the manufacturing industry. The introduction of advanced production automation and technical personnel, reasonable investment can obtain long-term benefits. The Industry 4.0 model connects the physical and virtual worlds, fulfilling many tasks that could not be achieved in the past.


Digital technology improves asset efficiency


For many asset-intensive industries, asset performance management will be a very important part. For example, manufacturing, textile, mining, electric power, oil, gas, chemical industry and public utilities, these industries are using industrial Internet of Things and cognitive computing technology to improve the efficiency of operation.


Textiles and manufacturing will be the most likely areas to realize the value conversion of big data. Based on the data collected by the Internet of Things and sensors, predictive maintenance can be carried out and play a more important role. For example, reducing maintenance and operation costs, and improving production safety.


Production simulation creates advantages and competitiveness


Digitization is only the first step. Industry 4.0 technology combines the digital and physical fields to support predictions, alarms and normative responses. There are many variable factors in the production process, from the quality of the material to the change of the internal process, including the production environment, time and production method. The structured and unstructured data are collected through sensors, and the use of analysis models is beneficial to the occurrence of product problems. Identify deviations, thereby reducing production risks.


Under the new manufacturing model, digital twin software can be used to simulate all links of production to check whether the product design, material consumption, and installation method meet the requirements. Industry 4.0 technology will better support real-time analysis and automatic control operations, and factories can adjust production processes in time to ensure better quality output of products.


The general environment is developing towards Industry 4.0, and the hardware and software of the manufacturing industry should also keep up with the trend, giving priority to the use of intelligent equipment that can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, so that labor-intensive industries no longer rely on labor excessively, thereby fundamentally reducing operations And production costs.


In recent years, Suntech has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent machinery, committed to improving the production efficiency of the weaving and textile industries through the application of intelligent equipment, and reducing labor costs. A number of textile machinery products developed and designed have been unique in the field of textile machinery, including intelligent fabric inspection machines. , Cloth inspection and packaging lines, shaft magazines, integrated rapier looms for cloth inspection, smart mask machines, melt blown machines, etc., have been sold overseas and become world star products. At present, Suntech can also provide professional textile production solutions, with intelligent applications, precise design and integration of the various processes of weaving, to achieve the optimal production state, greatly improve production efficiency, ensure the quality of cloth rolls, and help the intelligent development of the textile industry and industry 4.0.


Textile production solutions we can provide

1woven fabric weaving unit solution


Achieve efficienthigh-quality weavingmainly include beambeam stackerwarp beam lift trolleybig batch transport trolleyloom take-up machineWoven fabric inspection machineStackerAGV.


2woven fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Efficient dyeing and finishing, fine workmanship quality.Suitable for woven weaving, dyeing, cloth inspection, cutting, packaging, and handling production line solutions.


mainly include Woven fabric inspection machinebatching machinedouble folding rolling machinefabric selvedge or strip cutting machinefabric sample cutterA-frame tractorfabric roll packing machineStackerAGV.


3weft knitting fabric knitting unit solutioIntelligent solution for weft knitted fabric inspection, finishing and handlingEfficient cloth inspection, intelligent handling


mainly include tubular fabric inspection machineStackerAGV.


4weft knitting fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Seiko intelligent manufacturing, perfect knittingA production line scheme suitable for weft knitting, weaving, dyeing, fabric inspection, cutting, packaging, and handling.


mainly include tubular fabric slitting machinetube-sewing machinefabric relaxing machinetubular fabric reversing machineA-frame tractorfabric selvedge or strip cutting machinefabric sample cutterknitting fabric inspection machinefabric roll packing machineStackerAGV


5warp knitting fabric knitting unit solution


Perfect knitting, starting from finishing and dyeingThe finishing plan of warp knitting, perfectly presenting the precision weaving.


mainly include beambeam stackerwarp beam lift trolleyStackerAGV.


6warp knitting fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Intelligent process, efficient dyeing and finishingHigh-quality and efficient workshop solution suitable for warp knitting dyeing and finishing.


mainly include batching machinefabric sample cutterfabric selvedge or strip cutting machineA-frame tractorfabric roll packing machineStackerAGV.


7cutting&stitching garment unit solution



Tailor-made, precision sewinghigh-quality garments.


mainly include fabric relaxing machineUniversal fabric inspection machine.