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Jacquard loom introduction

Jacquard loom introduction

Issue Time:2021/08/23

Jacquard loom introduction


A jacquard loom is a loom with jacquard equipment for making patterns on fabric.It was first used in han Dynasty.In ancient times, the ordinary loom used one or two hedgehogs (warp lifting parts) to bill or double warps at the same time, forming a shuttle for feeding and beating up weft, and weaving plain fabric.Jacquard looms have a number of healds that control hundreds of warp threads to achieve different lifting movements.They interweave with woven warp threads to form fabrics with various patterns and character patterns.


The working principle of jacquard loom

In a jacquard loom, the tube is on top of the tube.Each weft is woven on a pattern, and the pattern tube is pressed on the horizontal stitch once.When the plate has holes, the head of the horizontal needle is inserted into the holes in the plate and tube so that the hook end of the straight needle is still hanging on the lift knife.As the lift goes up, the straight needle goes up and the heald is lifted by the first hook and thread.At this point, the warp line through the heald eye is also lifted to form the upper layer of the shed.The heald hammer is suspended on the lower heald ring of the heald piece.When the shuttle is closed, the weight of the heald hammer acts as a healing force.When the plate has no holes, the horizontal needle moves back through the convex head and pushes the corresponding straight needle, so that the hook end of the straight needle is separated from the lifting knife.Thus, the filament and warp threads attached to the straight needle do not rise, but sink through the thread, forming the lower layer of the shed.Therefore, the movement of each meridian is determined by whether there is a hole in the flower board, the hole on the flower board is rolled in accordance with the design requirements of pattern and organization, so the movement of the meridian is in line with the requirements.


Patterns and organizations.

The needle selection structure of electronic jacquard loom is composed of several electromagnets.Jacquard looms have a pair of hooks under each electromagnet.Below the hook, the wire rod can be suspended.We may call the hook of a jacquard loom and the corresponding electromagnet an electronic needle.Electronic jacquard looms with light rotating shuttles, fast and stable operation, can be matched with any high-speed loom.


What is jacquard?


Jacquard is a large pattern weave with a jacquard machine, and the number of warps in the complete jacquard can be returned to the root. Part is based on one kind of organization, and another kind of organization pattern, such as plain weave and satin weave. Sometimes yarns of different colors can be used to make the fabric show large colorful patterns. Jacquard fabric types, embroidery counts, warp and weft, various styles of jacquard fabrics are recommended. Jacquard weaving is through the pattern needle to control the direction movement trajectory of the warp yarn. Generally, the practical pattern needle of the No. 1400 jacquard machine is 1480 needles. There are 1480 kinds of warp yarn movement trajectories that can be controlled, which greatly increases the flower shape.


There are more than two kinds of organization changes on the fabric surface: patterned organization, a kind of small jacquard. Small jacquard is generally organized with plain weave. Because the small jacquard weaving machine uses the dobby arm to control the lifting of the heald frame, the heald frame is determined by the combination of the dobby in the dobby to determine the warp movement law. The general dobby can only Control 16 heald frames, and only 16 kinds of warp movement patterns can be controlled. The woven pattern is relatively small. If you want to knit a larger pattern, you can only achieve it by enlarging the loop of drawing-in and variety shows. The dobby refining capability of the imported small flower loom. But it is rare, the common ones are 16 and 20 jacquard.


Small jacquard distinguishes the size of the jacquard pattern loop, the main difference is the necessary difference, the general dobby loom for small jacquard production, the large jacquard is produced on the large jacquard loom. Jacquard textiles have a number of warp yarns in a weave cycle that can reach the destination weave root, and they need to be woven with a jacquard machine. Small jacquard is a floral spun cotton fabric woven by a dobby loom, or small textile, dobby jacquard textile.

Jacquard and other floral textiles.

11 types of printed fabric jacquard refers to the selection of different sports styles during the processing of the fabrics, the texture of the textures of the changes in the shape, the shiny flowers, the colorful and the production of different movement trajectories, and the appearance of different color blocks The pattern feel is mixed color, three-dimensional, and textured. Printed fabrics are fabrics that are printed with sensible pigments or dyes, and are flat. 2 Embroidered fabrics Embroidered textiles are extremely artistic. Patterned fabrics have many different stitches, no directionality, and freedom of color expression. However, the warp and weft of jacquard fabrics are colored, relying on the arrangement rules, and the limited color blocks produced by different organizations, which will not be restricted. 3 Burnt-out fabric Burnt-out textile is the cotton fiber of the fabric cotton core-spun yarn or pure cotton blended fabric with physalis, showing a transparent pattern on the fabric of silk and rayon fabrics, and can also use silk and rayon The woven fabric, acid removed rayon to show through the thin pattern.


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