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Under the epidemic, it is difficult to hire workers in the textile industry, Suntech intelligent rapier looms help international textile production

Under the epidemic, it is difficult to hire workers in the textile industry, Suntech intelligent rapier looms help international textile production

Issue Time:2021/08/20

Under the epidemic, it is difficult to hire workers in the textile industry, Suntech intelligent rapier looms help international textile production


Since 2020, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many countries have suspended work and production. After the gradual popularization of vaccines in 2021, the epidemic situation is still not effectively controlled in countries with vaccine shortages, and even intensified, such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc. Major manufacturing and textile industries have had to adopt policies to reduce the concentration of people because of the epidemic.


In addition to the work being carried out at the government and departmental levels to raise the level of workersawareness, some factories have taken the initiative to reduce the number of workers by half to ensure social distancing, while also providing additional buses to provide transportation services to and from get off work. Some factories It is also conducting temperature measurement and forced hand washing when employees enter and exit, and the distribution of PPE materials.


Factory owners expressed concern about the nature of the apparel business structure. Facts have proved that maintaining social distancing in a factory environment is difficult for many factories because the operating structure of the production line requires a certain degree of closeness between each mechanical line. ''We reduced our workers by half to maintain social distancing, but the biggest challenge is still the nature of work. "The manager of the manufacturing workshop explained.


Global fashion brands are closing their stores, resulting in reduced demand for brand production at the factory level, and in some cases even a complete stop. This in turn caused some factories to close their sheds, while others moved the market to produce much-needed COVID-19 PPE materials during this period.


Similarly, prior to the webinar session, the ILO plans to conduct a digital survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on factory operations. The preliminary findings emphasize this point;


Compared with the same period in 2019, the average capacity utilization rate reported in the first quarter of 2020 has dropped by 30%

54% of surveyed factories expect their revenue to fall by 20% in 2020

The factory has reduced employeesworking hours in response to slowing production and employee retention issues

58% of manufacturers are willing to re-use their production in response to Covid-19 products (masks, towels, bed sheets and hospital gowns). They will need to provide support in purchasing machinery, raw materials, foreign exchange and training workers.


The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issued a COVID-19 workplace response agreement, outlining and encouraging employers and workers to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The protocol also proposes various legal and administrative measures to curb the economic consequences for the industry and workers. Negative effects have surfaced, and there are major uncertainties in the short-term. The factory is working hard to maintain business and retain employees.


At present, the textile and manufacturing industries of various countries are caught in a vicious circle of reducing workers, difficult to hire again, and expensive labor costs. Labor issues have become the key to the textile manufacturing industry. Perhaps the application of intelligent equipment and production lines is a good way to solve labor problems.


Suntech service capabilities

With 50 years of design experience and technology precipitation, Suntech, a veteran machinery company, is committed to the research and development of intelligent textile machinery and intelligent manufacturing technology in the textile industry. It has top technology in the industry and aims to promote the development of the textile industry. It replaces manual and semi-automatic equipment with intelligent machinery. , Through the intelligent analysis and management of the production process through the digital information management system, improve the efficiency of textile production and help the development of Industry 4.0.


In terms of product production services, from pre-sales technical solution consultation to after-sales technical support, customer service, 24-hour response, the first time to solve customer problems, the pursuit of excellence, excellence, and a high return rate.


Suntech's service capabilities are manifested in the following aspects:


One-stop consulting services, providing professional answers, and tailor-made solutions for customers;


On sale:

The professional production team strictly controls the production quality and production schedule, and gives timely feedback to customers;

Support remote/on-site and third-party inspections, and can provide inspection videos;


After sale:

Online guidance: 24H manual online, real-time problem solving, video tutorials, and free lifetime consulting services;

On-site guidance: engineers dispatched to overseas, overseas after-sales service centers;

Maintenance: customized maintenance program to escort the machine.


Our business scope covers more than 80 countries, with more than 4,500 customers and more than 15,000 successful cases. Customers who have worked with us all praise our manufacturing capabilities, quality control capabilities, service capabilities, and delivery status. With strong technical capabilities and manufacturing experience, Suntech professionally provides customers with textile machinery production solutions and superior quality equipment products. The quality of the equipment manufactured is impeccable, the delivery time is short, pre-sales consulting services, after-sales maintenance, and technical support services are in place , Solve customer questions in the first time, solve problems for customers, fully meet customer needs, ensure the smooth operation of customer production lines, and achieve expected operational results.


At present, through automation and intelligent textile machinery applications and solutions, we have effectively helped many textile enterprises to solve a series of problems such as labor shortage, low production efficiency, and unstable product quality, and helped enterprises increase production efficiency by 50% and reduce 60% of the labor cost has become a new direction for the development of the textile industry.


Textile production solutions we can provide

1woven fabric weaving unit solution


Achieve efficienthigh-quality weavingmainly include beambeam stackerwarp beam lift trolleybig batch transport trolleyloom take-up machineWoven fabric inspection machineStackerAGV.


2woven fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Efficient dyeing and finishing, fine workmanship quality.Suitable for woven weaving, dyeing, cloth inspection, cutting, packaging, and handling production line solutions


mainly include Woven fabric inspection machinebatching machinedouble folding rolling machinefabric selvedge or strip cutting machinefabric sample cutterA-frame tractorfabric roll packing machineStackerAGV


3weft knitting fabric knitting unit solution

Intelligent solution for weft knitted fabric inspection, finishing and handlingEfficient cloth inspection, intelligent handling


mainly include tubular fabric inspection machineStackerAGV


4weft knitting fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Seiko intelligent manufacturing, perfect knittingA production line scheme suitable for weft knitting, weaving, dyeing, fabric inspection, cutting, packaging, and handling


mainly include tubular fabric slitting machinetube-sewing machinefabric relaxing machinetubular fabric reversing machineA-frame tractorfabric selvedge or strip cutting machinefabric sample cutterknitting fabric inspection machinefabric roll packing machineStackerAGV


5warp knitting fabric knitting unit solution


Perfect knitting, starting from finishing and dyeingThe finishing plan of warp knitting, perfectly presenting the precision weaving


mainly include beambeam stackerwarp beam lift trolleyStackerAGV


6warp knitting fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Intelligent process, efficient dyeing and finishingHigh-quality and efficient workshop solution suitable for warp knitting dyeing and finishing


mainly include batching machinefabric sample cutterfabric selvedge or strip cutting machineA-frame tractorfabric roll packing machineStackerAGV


7cutting&stitching garment unit solution


Tailor-made, precision sewinghigh-quality garments


mainly include fabric relaxing machineUniversal fabric inspection machine