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Rapier looms, air jet looms and their fabrics Fabric difference

Rapier looms, air jet looms and their fabrics Fabric difference

Issue Time:2021/08/05

Rapier looms, air jet looms and their fabrics

Fabric difference:

Judging whether the fabric is rapier fabric or jet fabric can be seen from the side structure of the fabric:

(1) Usually t/C yarn is rapier (locking device), filament is jet woven (planetary gear device).

(2) Air jet double cloth, one side for thread, the other for filament.(In the middle is the edge locking device with planetary gears on both sides of the weft).

(3) The rapier is double-split, and the two veils are polyester and cotton yarn (both are hemming devices).


Rapier looms: Use rigid or flexible rapier heads with clips to guide the weft.Rapier looms are suitable for weaving not only plain weave fabrics but also multi-color weft fabrics.Suitable for dyeing, double flannel, loop fabric and decorative fabric production.

Air-jet loom: the weft is pulled by a jet of compressed air, and the weft is carried through the shed.Air jet looms are characterized by high speed and high labor productivity.Suitable for plain and grain fabrics, fine and ultra-high density fabrics and high volume fabrics.

Advantages and disadvantages of grey cloth:

(1) There are many kinds of fine count yarns produced by jet machines, mainly for light fabrics.There are many kinds of roving produced by rapier machines, mainly heavy fabric and heavy fabric.

(2) From the equipment, jet and rapier type weft insertion method is different.

(3) When the gray cloth of the same weaving method is woven, the raw material cost is the same and the weaving cost is lower.For twill weaving, for example, the maximum speed of the air jet can be over 800 RPM, whereas rapier looms are 180-200 RPM.The Jet Blockers themselves look at 10-12 units, while the arrows have 4-6 units at most.

Commonness and heterogeneity of fabric:

Common: Both have rough edges.They can be the same size.

Opposite sex: on the premise of the same yarn count and size:

(1) The jet weight is slightly lighter.

(2) The flatness of air jet plain cloth is better than that of rapier production.

(3) The shrinkage rate of the fabric of the air jet loom will be correspondingly higher.

(4) The quality of air-jet yarn is better than that of rapier yarn.

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