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Suntech specializes in manufacturing smart textile machinery and providing solutions to help the development of the textile industry

Suntech specializes in manufacturing smart textile machinery and providing solutions to help the development of the textile industry

Issue Time:2021/08/05

Suntech specializes in manufacturing smart textile machinery and providing solutions to help the development of the textile industry


The textile industry is a very important industry in the global national economy. It firstly meets the needs of human beings for dressing, and secondly provides raw materials for other industrial industries. For example, geotextile is an important raw material for the manufacture of highway paving, and the development of aerospace materials The aerospace industry.


Textile is a light industry. From the perspective of political economy, the organic capital composition of the textile industry is relatively low. Therefore, it is a "labor-intensive" industry with relatively low technical and basic requirements. This is why many countries in the world In the early stages of industrialization, most of the textile industry was developed as a key industry.


The textile industry has contributed greatly to the progress of human society and is the basis for human society to enter a new era. The rise of all industrial countries is almost dependent on the development of the textile industry. The entry barrier of the textile industry is not high, and there are many non-technical jobs. A large number of jobs have been solved. The problem has enabled the people of various industrial countries to lift themselves out of poverty and develop, which is conducive to social stability.


As a pillar industry of the global economy and an important civilian production industry, the textile industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. The entire industry faces practical problems such as the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the increase in raw material prices, the increase in environmental protection pressure, the reduction of exports, the pressure of market competition, the difficulty of recruiting workers, and the difficulty of financing. In the face of development difficulties, the textile industry is actively seeking change, speeding up the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and using intelligent manufacturing as a means to promote the development of the textile industry to high-end.


The textile industry is committed to the transformation and development from "big" to "big and strong", seeking to achieve breakthroughs in some areas and lead the future. Leveraging on manufacturing and the Internet, it has become a general trend to accelerate the innovation and development of a new generation of information technology and the integration of the textile industry. Combined with continuous technological innovation, promote the development of the textile industry in the direction of green, low-carbon, digital, intelligent and flexible, and accelerate the development of intelligence. Process is the only way to promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.


The textile industry's intelligent manufacturing application standard system has been initially established; the construction of digital and intelligent factories (workshops) has achieved remarkable results, and the penetration rate has been greatly increased; the industry's common key technologies and equipment for intelligent manufacturing have achieved significant breakthroughs; the new generation of Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies The integration with the textile industry is further deepened.


SUNTECH manufacturing capabilities

With 50 years of design experience and technology precipitation, Suntech, a veteran machinery company, is committed to the research and development of intelligent textile machinery and intelligent manufacturing technology in the textile industry. It has top technology in the industry and aims to promote the development of the textile industry. It replaces manual and semi-automatic equipment with intelligent machinery. , Through the intelligent analysis and management of the production process through the digital information management system, improve the efficiency of textile production and help the development of Industry 4.0.


Suntech has strong manufacturing capabilities and has two large-scale manufacturing factories, located in Ningbo and Xiaoshan, covering an area of ​​400,000+ square meters, 1,000+ employees, a modern factory managed by 6S, and a complete supply chain of machine manufacturing accessories to ensure timely accessories Supply to ensure the delivery capacity of the whole machine.


Our business scope covers more than 80 countries, with more than 4,500 customers and more than 15,000 successful cases. Customers who have worked with us are full of praise for our manufacturing capabilities, delivery status, and service spirit. The quality of the equipment manufactured by Suntech is excellent, the delivery time is short, the after-sales maintenance and consulting services are in place, and the equipment life cycle far exceeds expectations. At the same time, we provide customers with professional textile machinery production solutions with strong technical capabilities and manufacturing experience, which can hit the nail on the head Solve customer problems in a timely manner, fully meet customer needs, and ensure the smooth operation and operational effects of the production line.


At present, through automation and intelligent textile machinery applications and solutions, we have effectively helped many textile enterprises to solve a series of problems such as labor shortage, low production efficiency, and unstable product quality, and helped enterprises increase production efficiency by 50% and reduce 60% of the labor cost has become a new direction for the development of the textile industry.


Weaving solutions we can provide

1woven fabric weaving unit solution


Achieve efficienthigh-quality weavingmainly include beambeam stackerwarp beam lift trolleybig batch transport trolleyloom take-up machineWoven fabric inspection machineStackerAGV.



2woven fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Efficient dyeing and finishing, fine workmanship quality.Suitable for woven weaving, dyeing, cloth inspection, cutting, packaging, and handling production line solutions


mainly include Woven fabric inspection machinebatching machinedouble folding rolling machinefabric selvedge or strip cutting machinefabric sample cutterA-frame tractorfabric roll packing machineStackerAGV



3weft knitting fabric knitting unit solutioIntelligent solution for weft knitted fabric inspection, finishing and handlingEfficient cloth inspection, intelligent handling


mainly include tubular fabric inspection machineStackerAGV


4weft knitting fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Seiko intelligent manufacturing, perfect knittingA production line scheme suitable for weft knitting, weaving, dyeing, fabric inspection, cutting, packaging, and handling


mainly include tubular fabric slitting machinetube-sewing machinefabric relaxing machinetubular fabric reversing machineA-frame tractorfabric selvedge or strip cutting machinefabric sample cutterknitting fabric inspection machinefabric roll packing machineStackerAGV


5warp knitting fabric knitting unit solution


Perfect knitting, starting from finishing and dyeingThe finishing plan of warp knitting, perfectly presenting the precision weaving


mainly include beambeam stackerwarp beam lift trolleyStackerAGV


6warp knitting fabric dyeing&finishing unit solution


Intelligent process, efficient dyeing and finishingHigh-quality and efficient workshop solution suitable for warp knitting dyeing and finishing


mainly include batching machinefabric sample cutterfabric selvedge or strip cutting machineA-frame tractorfabric roll packing machineStackerAGV


7cutting&stitching garment unit solution



Tailor-made, precision sewinghigh-quality garments


mainly include fabric relaxing machineUniversal fabric inspection machine

weaving machine

rapier loom

rapier weaving machine

weaving machine manufacturer