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The differences between rapier weaving machine and other weaving machines

The differences between rapier weaving machine and other weaving machines

Issue Time:2021/08/01

Rapier looms differ from other looms:

1. Different weft insertion methods: Air jet loom uses compressed air, rapier loom uses arrows and arrow belts, water jet loom uses water jet, and shuttle loom uses one-way motion to insert weft by beating small shuttles.

2. Speed: Jet fast, rapier slow.

3, cotton, wool, silk, linen can be woven;Air jet for high count and density, rapier for thick fabric.

4. Rapier loom has low requirements for yarn, hairiness, nep and sizing.But air jet loom requires smooth yarn surface, less hairiness and high strength.Water jet looms are mostly suitable for hydrophobic fabrics due to the use of water.Woven machine with high precision, suitable for ultra-wide products.

5, color choice: rapier loom up to 16 colors, shuttle loom up to 6 colors, water jet loom up to 4 colors, air jet loom up to 8 colors.

Rapier loom, as a new type of loom, has the characteristics of fast speed, high degree of automation and high efficiency.Its active weft insertion method has strong adaptability and can adapt to all kinds of yarn weft insertion.Widely used in yarn-dyed, towelling, silk, wool, linen and other industries.In addition, rapier looms have obvious advantages in multi-color weft weaving.Up to 16 color weft dyeing products can be produced.It is the most commonly used machine for weaving medium and small batch colored fabrics.Has now developed into a wide range of uses, a wide range of shuttle - less loom.

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