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Main problems and solutions in rapier loom weaving(4)

Main problems and solutions in rapier loom weaving(4)

Issue Time:2021/07/27

26. Why does a rapier loom produce motion traces even though it has an automatic matching device?And how to prevent it?

The reason:

Improper choice of operation mode.

Abnormal let-off and coiling action.

Some special fabric patterns, such as basket pattern, fancy basket pattern, etc., due to the reason of organization, the structure is loose and tight, and there will still be traces of movement after stopping.


According to the fabric pattern to choose the appropriate operation mode.

Check whether the let-off and take-up are normal.

Reduce the setting tension appropriately.

Delay shedding time appropriately.

27. What causes colored hair and fibers to be woven into fabrics?How to prevent it?

The reason:

Dyed yarn goes through multiple production processes;More process leads to more wear and tear.So color yarn hairiness more.

Dyeing yarn color fastness is poor, colored yarn in the slurry tank decolorization, stained with white or light colored yarn.

Product process design is unreasonable, the two colors are arranged in the same slurry tank sizing.

Light sizing results in more fluffy flying hairs falling on the loom.

Loom configuration can affect the number of colored hairs.For example, on rapier looms without floating guide hooks, the underside of the warp plate is worn directly with the projectile head and belt, prone to lateral colored hairiness.

Poor cleaning and tidying of workshops and machines.


In the process of colored yarns, yarn passage should be smooth to minimize wear and tear.

Use pigments with good color fastness for dyeing, and soap and water washing should be clear.

Species with dark stripes on a white or light background are best sizing on a double size slot sizing machine.

Ensure proper sizing and eliminate light sizing.

White or light varieties with dark stripes are best woven on looms with floating hooks.

The workshop shall have separate production areas for dark and light varieties.

Dark weft woven into white or light color base cloth, if too much hair, it is best to carry out light sizing beforehand.

It is best to use lines of similar fineness to the insertion lines on a white or light background.

Good cleaning and arrangement of workshop and machinery.

28. What are the requirements of the rapier loom for separating the reed on the length of the reed?Why is that?

In rapier looms where the reed is separated, the stroke of the rapier must be readjusted after the reed width is changed.

The reed is generally 5.5cm long plus the effective reed width, 2cm at the inlet side and 3.5cm at the outlet side.If the reed is too long, not only will the weft be wasted, but the reed will collide with the sword rod in motion, causing the reed to break.

29. How to configure the edge yarn thickness according to the fabric type?

The edge yarn must be firm and strong;In addition, the thickness should not be thicker than the warp used for production.Too thick edge yarn can lead to edge drawing.Generally, 14.6 Tex warp can be used as 7.3 Tex ×2 thread edge yarn, and 11.7 Tex warp can be used as 5.8 Tex ×2 thread edge yarn.

30. How to determine the inner distance between the two flanges of the weaving beam according to the fabric of different reed width?

The inner distance of the shaft flange should be equal to the width of the effective reed, which will help to reduce the breakage of the woven edge.If the braided flange is slightly wider than the effective reed width, it is acceptable, but should not be less than the effective reed width.

31. What are the reasons for weft-ring defects in rapier weaving?How to prevent it?

The reason:

Waste side heald frame leveling time too late.The waste edge cannot effectively control the weft when the pick - up projectile is open.

Reception gripper opening time too early.

Scrap yarn is too small for effective clamping.


The leveling time of waste side heald frame should be 25~30° earlier than other heald frames.

Adjust the opening time of the pick-up shuttle.Premature, easy to produce weft ring defects;If it's too late, the waste side will be too long.

Check that the quantity of waste yarn is sufficient and the broken ends are fixed.

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