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suntech beam stacker resistance textile enterprises to deal with storage problems,Responding to Indian orders

suntech beam stacker resistance textile enterprises to deal with storage problems,Responding to Indian orders

Issue Time:2021/07/26

suntech beam stacker resistance textile enterprises to deal with storage problems,Responding to Indian orders


Recently, India has been plagued by the covic-19 pandemic. There are 400,000 new confirmed cases per day and more than 4,000 deaths in a single day. Many labor-intensive Indian factories have been forced to close, and many traders in the Sogla area of India have been affected by the pandemic As a result, the local factory was closed from a weekend to a complete shutdown on April 28. The original plan was to start production on May 5. However, after the meeting on April 30, the Gujarat Weaver Welfare Association It was decided to continue to close the factory and stop production until June in order to prevent the infection from spreading.


Accelerating the turn of textile orders: China's exports in the first three months exceeded 420 billion!


Textile and apparel is a labor-intensive industry. During the pandemic, the operating rate of India's textile and apparel industry has declined, and many buyers have turned their orders to China. The counterattack of the pandemic has prevented Indian textile companies from guaranteeing normal delivery. A large number of European and American textile orders have been transferred. Chinese companies have already received return orders. Overseas return orders from May to June this year are expected to increase further.


In fact, as early as October last year, India had the signs of a second wave of pandemics, when a large number of textile orders were transferred to China. A Chinese textile company said that starting from September 2020, overseas orders on the Internet platform have increased rapidly, mainly from the Indian market. In just one month, the order for towels reached 2 million, which is twice the amount of the same period last year; China A private enterprise in Zhejiang received a large export order for hundreds of thousands of tablecloths from the international brand ZARA, and this order was originally produced by an Indian company.


The accelerated shift of orders to China has also directly driven China's textile and apparel exports. Data show that in the first quarter of this year, Chinas textile and apparel exports were US$65.1 billion (approximately 421.4 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 44%; among them, textile exports were US$31.81 billion (approximately 206 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 40.3%; clothing exports 33.3 billion US dollars (approximately 215.5 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 47.7%.


Originally, the trade volume and output of China's textile industry were considerable, accounting for more than half of the world's output, and the market share of textile fiber processing and export value exceeded one-third of the world's. Nowadays, facing a large number of textile orders, Chinese textile companies are more busy than in the past. Not only China, but also after the partial shutdown of the textile industry in India, textile orders not only flowed into China, but also flowed into other countries. After the surge in textile orders, there were mixed feelings and textile companies had to expand production. Large-scale procurement of raw materials and textile machinery, warehouses pile up like mountains, available space is getting less and less, and there are not enough staff to clean, move and optimize the space in time. Textile storage has become a problem for textile companies today.


The light of textile storage

How can we not increase the labor cost and storage cost, but also make the textiles, raw materials and textile machinery pile up reasonably and make full use of the existing space? Suntech's intelligent "beam stacker" solves the storage troubles of textile enterprises with the advantages of "small space, large capacity, low cost and high intelligence", and has won unanimous praise from the industry.


The beam stacker is the best choice for storing warp beams, pulp beams, weaving beams, and cloth rolls. It is widely used in pre-weaving preparations, weaving mills, dyeing and finishing plants. It is an effective use of space for textile mills, reducing land occupation and increasing reserves. Efficient access, ideal equipment to realize modern and intelligent management. It is similar to a large rack or a three-dimensional intelligent garage, small space creates large capacity, and intelligent mode provides convenience for mechanical scheduling, maximizes floor space savings, and greatly saves storage costs.


SUNTECH is a well-known veteran technologically innovative textile machinery enterprise. It started with textile and storage machinery and involved various textile machinery and equipment in the storage, handling, inspection, and packaging of finished fabrics. Among them, beam stacker is a classic product and has won many awards. It has won awards and applied for multiple patented technologies such as beam stacker system operating software and chain synchronization detection, which are favored by international textile companies.


More than ten years ago, SUNTECH became famous overseas for its "beam stacker" and became one of the few beam stacker manufacturers at that time. It also set off a cutting-edge technological revolution in the textile machinery field. After more than ten years of technological innovation, today The Suntechbeam stacker is smarter and closer to the people.


1. Seven smart applications of beam stacker:

(1) Intelligent access axis, automatically select the shortest access axis path

(2) Intelligently search the position of the axis according to the axis number

(3) ERP system can be connected to realize data synchronization and sharing

(4) Scan code function can automatically enter information

(5) Customizable language

(6) Customizable software

(7) Remote control by mobile phone APP can be realized


2. Seven safety guarantees of beam stacker:

(1) CE certificate, directive 2014/35/EU, in line with EU electrical safety and mechanical safety standards

(2) Chain synchronization detection technology to ensure zero accidents

(3) When a foreign object enters the beam stacker, the photoelectric will detect it and the machine will issue an alarm

(4) The limit switch ensures that the shaft will not hit the column

(5) Safety fences on both sides

(6) The designed load-bearing capacity of the hanging shaft tube is 1.5 times the actual weight of the shaft, and the safety factor is high

(7) The safety hanging chain provides double guarantee for the hanging scroll


3. Seven quality assurance of beam stacker:

(1) Guarantee of incoming materials, purchase of raw materials for large steel mills in accordance with international standards

(2) Precision guarantee, precision parts: such as sprockets, chains, and rollers are all processed by high-precision CNC centers

(3) Processing guarantee, CNC cutting and welding are tested by flaw detection, test report can be provided

(4) Unique shot blasting process: improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece; increase coverage (good paint adsorption); good surface roughness, more beautiful

(5) Double-layer guarantee painting process: epoxy primer + surface metal paint suitable for elevator process, highly anti-rust

(6) European standards: CE standard machine safety mode + the latest chain synchronization automatic detection technology, zero accident protection! All electrical appliances adopt the French Schneider brand

(7) SGS factory audit, ISO management standard


Customer case


YUNUS TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED, an old Pakistani customer who has been cooperating with Suntech for more than 10 years, once praised Suntech as "the most intimate and reliable partner", and reached in-depth strategic cooperation with us. In the past 10 years, he has accumulated nearly purchases from Suntech. 7 beam stackers, and have proactively promoted our beam stackers many times, and introduced other customers to buy them. Why does YUNUS trust Suntech so much? This goes back to a day more than 10 years ago.


More than 10 years ago, YUNUS was already Pakistans leading home textile exporter, Pakistans largest home textile fabric manufacturer, listed company, and multinational company. YUNUS was established in 1962. Textile products are distributed all over the world, directly to most private and leading companies in the United States and Europe. Retail brands supply products, with monthly output exceeding 10 million meters, export delivery volume exceeding 99.9% of total output, and annual turnover of US$1.5 billion.


At that time, YUNUS was in the stage of business expansion. Faced with a large number of textile orders, it had to expand its production scale. Due to the large purchase of textile materials, machinery and textile equipment such as warp beams, and the expansion of factory personnel, the original warehouse could no longer meet the raw materials. The storage requirements and production requirements of finished products will increase a large amount of costs if warehouses and production workshops are expanded, and it is difficult to find such a large area in a short period of time. Even if a venue is found, equipment, raw material scheduling and transshipment are very difficult. Seriously affect the production schedule.


At that time, the production manager couldnt sleep for this, so he searched for solutions on the Internet and accidentally saw suntechs beam stacker. The design concept of "small space and large capacity" attracted his attention. He immediately sent an inquiry to suntech. The salesman explained that he learned that the beam stacker can store a large number of textile equipment such as warp beams and weaving beams in the most reasonable space. Although it is stored in multiple layers, it is very smart and convenient to access. It just solves his urgent need, so he is ready to order Two beam stackers, but he was very worried about the installation problems and use effects of the beam stacker. Suntech promised a 12-month warranty and sent overseas support engineers. He finally confirmed the order, and Suntech customized a batch according to his needs with the shortest delivery time. beam stacker, quickly sent to YUNUS.


Suntech engineers went abroad to complete the installation and commissioning of beam stacker on schedule, and taught customers how to use and maintain beam stacker. Customers are very satisfied with the services of beam stacker and Suntech. In the follow-up production, due to customer improper operation and equipment failure, Suntech also helped to solve the problem as soon as possible, leaving them with a good impression of "reliable and caring". YUNUS praised suntech not only for its reliable equipment, but also its service.


After beam stacker has been in operation for a period of time, it has greatly improved the customers equipment scheduling efficiency and reduced storage and labor costs. YUNUS expresses its gratitude, and has successively purchased 5 beam stackers. After other local textile companies in Pakistan visited YUNUSs production workshop, they gave beam Stacker is very interested. Under the recommendation of YUNUS, beam stacker is also purchased from Suntech in large quantities. Every year, Suntech will also be invited to Pakistan to visit YUNUS.


Suntech smart beam stacker uses brand-selected materials and advanced beam stacker design technology. After 50 years of technical polishing and functional optimization, it has more than 4,500 customers and 15,000 machine installation cases around the world, with excellent quality assurance and thoughtfulness The after-sales service (overseas technical support, 12-month warranty period) has won a lot of praise from customers, and the return rate is extremely high.


At present, due to the shutdown of some textile companies in India, textile orders in many countries have skyrocketed. In order to solve the textile storage problem, many companies found Suntech through the Internet and acquaintances, and bought a large number of "beam stackers". Customers who want to purchase beam stacker, please inquire in time, we will tailor it according to customer needs.


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