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Issue Time:2021/07/26

Under the epidemic, what should we pay attention to in cross-border procurement? Suntech specializes in providing intelligent machinery and equipment, so you have no worries


Since 2020, the global epidemic has not yet been fully controlled, and there are still signs of a comeback. India is currently suffering from the covid-19 epidemic, with more than 28 million confirmed cases and more than 320,000 deaths. The fourth wave of epidemics is erupting in Europe. , A large number of factories around the world have reduced their operating capacity. India, as the core of global manufacturing and textile production, has seen a sharp decline in operating rates. Many textile and manufacturing orders have flooded into China, where the epidemic is well controlled. At the same time, due to the epidemic, offline purchases through traditional social networking and exhibitions have decreased, and online trade methods have gradually become the mainstream.Click to share to LinkedIn


At present, many textile companies have received a large number of orders and urgently need to purchase textile equipment and raw materials. Most of them use online cross-border e-commerce. Customers first make inquiries online, shop around, and finally lock one to place an order, and the supplier The equipment is manufactured according to customer requirements. After the equipment arrives, the supplier provides technical support from overseas engineers. During the whole process, it is difficult for the customer to directly access the equipment and does not know enough about the supplier. If the supplier is not reliable, sell it. The equipment disappears, does not solve the after-sales problem or the equipment has quality problems, which not only causes losses to customers, but also delays production. Therefore, it is recommended that customers focus on the qualification and reputation of the supplier when selecting equipment. It is best to choose a brand with a high reputation and reputation. Good supplier with many customer cases.


Suntech specializes in providing intelligent machinery and equipment such as textiles, health care, AGV, three-dimensional libraries, robots, etc. for 50 years. It has more than 4,500 customers and 15,000 machine installation cases around the world. It has a high return rate and a high reputation. It has been praised by many customers as A trusted partner.Click to share to Facebook


Our advantage

1. Technology research and development:

With more than 50 years of experience in mechanical design, R&D, and manufacturing, and a number of patented technologies for intelligent machinery (including beam stacker software, beam stacker chain synchronization technology, etc.), with Strex Research Institute as a technical backup resource, it cultivates a large number of technologies and Excellent talents with both experience directly transform scientific and technological achievements into manufacturing applications, and design customized solutions for users based on user needs.


2. Manufacturing capacity:

It has 2 large-scale manufacturing factories, located in Ningbo and Xiaoshan, covering an area of ​​400,000+ square meters, 1,000+ employees, a modern factory managed by 6S, and a complete supply chain of machine manufacturing parts to ensure timely supply of parts and delivery of complete machines. ability.


3. Quality control ability:

Using international standard large steel mill raw materials and first-line brand core electronic components, high-standard production, high-precision CNC machine tool processing and production and shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting, welding flaw detection test can be carried out.


4. Service ability

(1) Pre-sales: one-stop consulting service, providing professional answers, and tailor-made solutions for customers.

(2) In-sale: Have a professional production team, strictly control the production quality and production progress, timely feedback to customers, support remote/on-site and third-party inspections, and provide inspection videos.

(3) After-sales service: 24H manual online, online guidance, real-time solution to customer problems, massive online video tutorials for customers to view, and free lifetime consulting services; engineers are dispatched overseas to provide technical support for customers, and after-sales service centers are set up abroad; provide Customized maintenance program to escort the machine.


5. Product safety

Products have passed CE certification.


6. Operation mode

The factory's two-shift mechanism operates 365 days a year to ensure timely delivery.


7. Payment inclusiveness

Diversified payment methods and diversified currencies.


8. Factory strength

Use Alibaba's official website video to show factory qualifications.


9. Brand awareness

There are 20 agents in more than 80 countries around the world, and there are more than 4,500 cooperative customers and more than 15,000 machine installation experience.


Our market distribution

1. Asian market:

We have many customer cases in the Asian market, good reputation, wide popularity, exclusive agency, solid product knowledge, product use international leading technology and brand components, materials, quality assurance, strong technical iteration ability, product upgrades and updates in time, Can provide installation after-sales service, after the customer has no back.


Compared with domestic prices (such as Suzhou Ruihao, Golden Sun, etc.), the price is the same, and the quality is a higher grade; compared with Europe (Genkinger, PLM, etc.), the quality level is in the same category, and the European price is more than twice ours.


2. European market

We have reached strategic cooperation with many high-quality head customers in the European market. We have a good reputation, high reputation, guaranteed product quality, strong technical iteration ability, timely upgrades and updates, and can provide installation after-sales service. With certain agents, our machine quality has obvious superiority compared with Chinese suppliers. Compared with European suppliers, our price is lower than the European price by more than half under the same quality.


3. American market

We have a large and high-quality customer base in the American market, with high brand awareness and good reputation. There are exclusive agents in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and other countries, and the agent has more than ten years of experience in the industry, which is helpful for customer development, follow-up and after-sales service. The quality of its own products is guaranteed, the ability to iterate in technology is strong, and it can be upgraded and updated in time, so that customers have no worries about the future.


Compared with domestic competitors, we have strong customization capabilities and have more competitive advantages in products; compared with foreign competitors, we have more advantages in price. European and American competitors have more than twice our price.


The proportion of customers:

Oceania 1% Major countries Australia/New Zealand

Africa 13% Major countries Egypt/South Africa/Mauritius

Asia 38% Major countries Pakistan/Bangladesh/Indonesia/Vietnam

21% of major countries in Europe Russian-speaking countries/Turkey

Americas 27% Major countries United States/Mexico/Colombia


Our product line

It can be said that our customers are all over the world, mainly in Asia and Europe and the United States. The customer repurchase rate is over 80%. Currently, we mainly provide the following series of products and production line solutions.


1. Classic series-textile machinery (textile machinery and equipment involved in the storage, handling, inspection, packaging and other links of finished fabrics);

Mainly include cloth inspection machine, packaging machine, packaging inspection production line, double folding machine, double folding and seaming machine, cloth guide, cloth turning machine, cloth cutting machine, cloth loosening machine, beam stacker, warp beam lift trolley,cloth roll doffing/dosing trolley and motorized a-frame tractor,etc.


2. Upgrade series-health care

Mainly include mask machine, melt blown machine, spunbond non-woven machine, spunmelt non-woven machine, wet tissue machine, diaper production line, sanitary napkin production line, etc.


3. Future series-intelligent robot (robot application, intelligent warehousing logistics system)

Mainly include AGV, three-dimensional library, intelligent robot production program.


Customer praise case


1. Beam stacker case:

YUNUS TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED, an old Pakistani customer who has cooperated with Suntech for more than 10 years and a leading exporter of home textiles in Pakistan, once praised Suntech as "the most intimate and reliable partner", and reached in-depth strategic cooperation with us.


More than ten years ago, YUNUS was in the stage of business expansion. Since the original warehouse could no longer meet the storage and production needs of raw materials and finished products, temporary expansion of the warehouse and production workshop would not only increase costs, but also seriously affect production. schedule. Therefore, they seek textile storage solutions on the Internet, and the design concept of "small space and large capacity", suntech's classic product beam stacker, just meets their needs. Suntech provides professional and caring pre-sales consulting services, which are very fast and convenient. Achieve cooperation.


We have customized a batch of beam stackers with the shortest delivery time according to customer needs, and sent overseas engineers to provide technical support on site, teach customers how to operate and maintain, and promise a 12-month warranty period. Even if the warranty period expires, as long as the customer has any questions, We still provide after-sales consulting services as soon as possible. So it left a good impression of "reliable and caring" for customers. Later, YUNUS repurchased several beam stackers and recommended other peers to purchase beam stackers and other products from Suntech.


2. Mask machine case

During the epidemic, the European and American regions that were plagued by the epidemic fell into a "mask shortage". The British company PRO-TECH MASKS LTD, which is eager to produce masks, compared a number of mask machine equipment manufacturers on the Internet, and finally initiated an equipment consultation with Suntech. After our professional For pre-sales consultation, the customer ordered a flat mask machine and a packaging machine. After the equipment arrives, s has been debugged by engineers, and it runs normally immediately, with a production speed of 120-160 pieces/min. The client gave a "thumb" to China's smart manufacturing and China's speed. After that, customers purchased several mask machines one after another and introduced their counterparts to buy mask machines from suntech. Suntechs reputation in the mask machine industry has soared, and sales have also doubled several times.(TRY SUNTECH mask machine)



3. Fabric inspection machine case

HAYLEYS FABRIC PLC, a textile company controlled by Hayleys PLC, the largest conglomerate in Sri Lanka, once caused serious delays in the fabric inspection process due to employee holidays. The customer learned through the Internet that the intelligent fabric inspection machine produced by suntech can reach a speed of 120m/min. Above, the highest can reach 300m/min, the correct rate is more than 95%, and the missed detection rate and misjudgment rate is less than 5%, which can save half of the labor cost for textile enterprises. Therefore, the customer ordered an inspection machine with the mentality of trying. After the cloth machine arrived, Suntech sent overseas engineers to install and debug it. Soon, the equipment was put into production. One piece of equipment was worth 5 cloth inspectors. The benefit was obvious. Hayleys sent a letter of thanks and purchased more Taiwan fabric inspection machine, and also recommend suntech's fabric inspection machine to peers.(TRY SUNTECH fabric inspection machine)



There are many customer cases of this kind. Suntech has developed and designed various types of intelligent machinery with 50 years of design experience and technology precipitation and the standard of "precision and intelligent manufacturing". It has a high return rate and is well-known overseas and worldwide. Welcome to inquire in detail.