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Main problems and solutions in rapier loom weaving(1)

Main problems and solutions in rapier loom weaving(1)

Issue Time:2021/07/22
Main problems and solutions in rapier loom weaving(1)

1. How to configure the shed opening time and weft insertion time of rapier loom?
The filling insertion time of rapier loom -- the time for the feeding projectile and the receiving projectile to enter the shed -- is basically fixed.The opening time is mainly determined by the characteristics of the fabric and the clarity of the shed.General plain weave fabrics should be configured early doffing, which is conducive to beating up, reducing the movement of falling cloth, and improving the fabric quality.Twill and jacquard fabrics should be configured to fall off, not only to meet the appearance of the fabric, but also to reduce the rate of breakage.weaving loom parts.

2. What is the impact of opening time on the quality of fabric?
Start early, shed clear, weaving defects will be less.However, when opening the shuttle early and closing the mouth early, the rapier extrusion of the warp is more severe, and the fabric and the edge warp are easy to loose.The late opening time of the shed leads to the poor definition of the shed, which is easy to cause the three-jump defect of the fabric edge. However, because of the late opening and closing time, the rapier has relatively little extrusion on the of a loom.

3. How to set the leveling time of waste edge small heald frame?
The leveling time of the scrap heddle frame of the rapier loom should be 25° to 30° earlier than that of the plain weave to ensure that the weft is held before the rapier clip is released, rather than falling back to the cloth and causing the weft to shrink.

4. In the operation diagram of rapier loom, why does rapier insertion time occupy more degrees than shuttle loom during shuttle flight?
Shuttle looms usually begin to pick before the lower center.When the center guard, the shuttle has entered the opposite shuttle box.The shuttle's flight time is about 120 degrees.When the rapier looms at 62°, the shed head enters the shed.The weft recoils about 300° and the rapier moves about 240° in the shed.Because of the rapier loom's fast speed, the feeding and receiving shuttles move toward each other and pass by with one stroke.In order to ensure a stable weft delivery, the running speed must be reduced accordingly.Therefore, the rapier needs more time in the shuttle.

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5. How does the grip force affect the weft during the entire filling insertion process?
Gripper force > gripper force > gripper force.rapier loom machine

6. What is the effect of the cutting time of rapier loom on filling insertion?
The filling cutting time is too early, the filling depth is not enough, and the conveying is easy to make mistakes.If the cutting time is too late and the weft end is too long, it will cause the second weft or the waste yarn will be woven into the cloth mouth, which will affect the quality.

7. What is the effect of floating guide hook and ordinary guide hook on weaving?
Common guide hook - chuck, clip tape, under the sheet easy to produce friction.The lower warp and the felt attached to the reed are prone to friction and the breakage rate will be higher.At the same time, it is also easy to cause cloth back fuzz.When weaving colored fabric, the horizontal color hairiness increases, which affects fabric quality and loom efficiency.
Floating guide hook - also known as free fly insertion, in which the clamp and the clamp end pass above the shed.The friction with the warp will be reduced, the warp break is relatively less, the cloth is not easy to fluff, the transverse color feather is also less.weaving loom manufacturers

8. What is the effect of separate reed and integral reed on weft insertion?
The sley must have a long rest time in the rear centre to ensure smooth insertion.Generally using conjugate CAM beating, as long as the adjustment is good, will not affect the insertion.However, when the sley moves, the collet cannot remain within the swinging range of the sley.Therefore, in the rapier loom of a single reed, the remaining length of the reed is finite, and should be cut off whenever it is exceeded.The integral reed is mechanically simple and uses ordinary four - bar beating-up.Beating-up stroke is large, shed height is large, the speed is relatively low, but do not worry about its influence.