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At the heart of textile&warehousing, intelligent machinery expert

Suntech´╝î the leader in the field of textile and storage machinery in China, has internationally renowned brands such as "Suntech" and "Strength". It focuses on the intelligent design and manufacture of textile and storage machinery and equipment, and provides textile and storage intelligence for domestic and overseas enterprises. Mechanical production line solutions.

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Professional agency, world-renowned

Professional agency for 50 years,business scope covers more than 80 The country,we have more than 4,500 customers and 15,000 machine installation cases all over the world.

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Top technology, high-quality craftsmanship

Lead the technological innovation of smart machinery, promote the development of mechanization, automation and intelligence in the textile and storage industries, help the development of Industry 4.0

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50 years of technology precipitation, classic inheritance

Deeply cultivated in the field of intelligent machinery for 50 years, accumulated a number of patented technologies, created "Suntech", "Strength" and other internationally renowned brands, from textile machinery, storage equipment to AGV, three-dimensional warehouse, robots, widely acclaimed and world-renowned.

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Future and outlook

Leading intelligent manufacturing, helping Industry 4.0

Leading the "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" to the world, assisting the development of global textile manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and realizing equipment automation, intelligence, high efficiency, and low cost through technological innovation and intelligent design.

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Professional solutions, after-sales guarantee

According to customer needs, tailor-made intelligent solutions for textile storage machinery and equipment, quality assurance, after-sales guarantee, technical support, and considerate service.

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