The SUNTECH Technology Center combines the one-stop service concept to create a comprehensive intelligent factory for you. We are all involved in large and small factories in the textile field, and you can always find a solution that suits your own factory. Paying attention to SUNTECH is paying attention to the future of your factory.


Automatic Inspection

  • Textile machinery is equipped with LED lights and smart cameras, and an automatic fabric inspection link is set up so that the fabric can be intelligently tested after the weaving is completed, so that defects can be found in time and unqualified woven fabrics can be eliminated.
  • Replace manual inspection with intelligent test fabric, which is efficient and low error rate.

Electronic Take-up

  • Pull the fabric initially formed at the weaving mouth away from the weaving mouth and wind it on the cloth roller, and at the same time cooperate with other mechanisms on the loom to determine the weft arrangement density of the fabric and the arrangement characteristics of the weft yarn in the fabric.
  • Servo-type electronic winding, weft density range: 1-150 picks/cm.

Servo Electronic Let-off

  • Adopt the outside type automatic let-off device, the weaving shaft detection device automatically adjusts the angle of the weaving shaft through the linkage mechanism, and sends out a certain amount of warp yarn with a certain tension during the weaving process.
  • Simple structure and convenient adjustment, no need to make any adjustment when changing from full beam to empty beam or loading new warp beam.


Focusing on customer satisfaction, taking into account product performance and price advantages, with 50 years of innovative technology and design experience, and "precision and intelligent manufacturing" standards,

we can achieve automation, intelligence, efficiency, and low cost of textile,storage machinery and equipment, and provide professional Customized service and after-sale quality assurance.

  • Product iteration

  • Perfect production chain

  • one-stop service

  • CE guarantee

  • Timely delivery

  • Quality control guarantee


Your development partner always

Suntech´╝î the leader in the field of textile and storage machinery in China, has internationally renowned brands such as "Suntech" and "Strength". It focuses on the intelligent design and manufacture of textile and storage machinery and equipment, and provides textile and storage intelligence for domestic and overseas enterprises. Mechanical production line solutions.


Business scope spans more than 100 countries


5000 regular customers worldwide


With more than 15,000 installation cases

NO.1 market share

No. 1 in the global market share in the textile machinery segment

Follow SUNTECH to pay attention to the latest information in the textile field. Move forward in the footsteps of the times and stand at the forefront of the times to innovate. SUNETCH's dynamics follow the latest technology and the most humane innovation!
  • SUNTECH shows new rapier weaving machine at ITMA
    SUNTECH showcased the new 450 rapier loom at ITMA 2020, booth 211 in Hall 4. SUNTECH and itsproduct lines of weaving machines, special machinery and composite systems have become technological leaders. From June 20 to 26, 2021, the 20th Spanish Textile and Apparel Technology Expo will be held in Spain.
  • India's covid-19 pandemic has caused a surge in textile orders, Suntech fabric inspection machine improves textile profit
    At present, the covid-19 epidemic in India continues to be severe, with a total of more than 26 million confirmed cases and more than 300,000 deaths. As we all know, India is the world's largest cotton producer. The textile and apparel industry is one of India's largest sources of foreign exchange income. The textile industry accounts for about 15% of India's total export income. As a labor-intensive industry, textiles and garments have been severely affected by the epidemic this time. Statistics show that in the clothing cities of Delhi and Bangalore, the labor absenteeism rate of the clothing industry is as high as 50%; last year, the consumption and exports of the clothing industry in India decreased by 30% and 24% respectively.
  • How suntech AGV reduces the labor force in the textile industry
    With the outbreak of a pandemic in India, a major textile country, the operating rate has dropped, and global textile companies have fallen into the dilemma of "large orders and few manpower". Suntech AGV realizes intelligent warehousing & handling, reduces labor costs, and improves production efficiency.
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